Micro-V® Kit

V-Ribbed Belt Set

Flawless operation of the cars accessory belt drive depends on every component working as a team.

  • If any component fails, the entire system breaks down resulting in costly repairs.
  • The multi-ribbed belt is an essential part of the engine. But the other belt drive components don’t last forever either. The wear of these components affects the belt’s, and subsequently, the complete systems performance.
  • Gates Micro-V® Kits include the Micro-V® belt/s, tensioner and idler pulleys needed to overhaul the accessory belt drive system.

Product Specifications

Pulleys with crankshaft pulley

Kit contains

6PK1245 V-Ribbed Belt 1
T39186 Tensioner Pulley, V-ribbed belt 1
T36429 Deflection/Guide Pulley, V-ribbed belt 1
TVD1090 Belt Pulley, crankshaft 1


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