PowerGrip® Belt

Timing Belt

Gates is the words largest manufacturer of timing belts. If there is a car around the world with a timing belt in it, it is most likely that Gates has the replacement part.

  • Gates timing belts are OE equivalent or better in service life and performance.
  • High grade rubber for superior heat and contamination resistance.
  • Come with genuine warranty equal to OE replacement interval.
  • A large number of vehicles on our roads require more than one timing belt. Where this is so, Gates offers all relevant timing belts for each application in one convenient box.

Product Specifications

Material Fiberglass
Material HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber)
Colour Black
Number of Teeth 113
Width [mm] 25,4
Tooth Pitch [mm] 9,525
Length [mm] 1076

Parent Kits

K015457XS Timing Belt Set
K025457XS Timing Belt Set


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