PowerGrip® Kit + Waterpump

Water Pump & Timing Belt Set

Thanks to Gates Timing Component Kits with Water Pumps, you have all the elements necessary for a complete overhaul in one package, fit for the application.

  • Timing belt driven water pumps should always be replaced at the same time as the timing belt.
  • Water pumps are highly efficient and durable. All pumps are engineered to OE specifications for look, fit and performance.
  • No need to order loose parts any more: the metal components, timing belt(s), water pump and installation instructions come in one handy and compact package.

Product Specifications

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Kit contains

5491XS Timing Belt 1
T43025 Vibration Damper, timing belt 1
T43016 Tensioner Pulley, timing belt 1
WP0052 Water Pump 1

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